Had enough? Want to move on? Just want to ran away pulling your hair out and screaming? Yeah, you're not the first. Some connections to other web site are what you need. Click away my friend, but be sure to come back again one day because you know you love it really...

Neil's choice

The abuse-a-tron
My mate Ben's page
Ian's pissed off page
The Ulrika Jonsson fan club!

Paul's choice

Cool mountain bike page with loads of links and info
A link to loads of British music bands, like Dodgy, Ride and Kula Shaker
M.C.Escher pics, plus a load more pics of everything under the sun

Timo's choice

Digital Spy - UK media news and discussion
Ratemykitten.com - Check out the top 20 cute pussies
Nick Abbot - Great talk radio presenter

Other links

Canterbury Web - Canterbury's local web server
Gibbon's Homepage - Spooky
Matthew Woodget's Fluid Pixel Productions - Photos from UKC and more

Other W2-S members links will appear shortly. They're not here because they either haven't bothered, claimed they emailed them to me but must have got lost on the way, or buggered off to Italy and come back a year later and still haven't submitted any.