W2-S Shouts Page

W2-S Friends

W2-S Shouts Page

W2-S would like to send greetings, shouts, big ups, hellos, whatever, to the following people:

Alan Davies, Alex, Alice, Andy, Anna, Ben, Bob, Buzz Lightyear, Caroline, Carrie, Cath, Chad, Chris, Chris Morris, Christian, Clair, Claire, Dawn, Dominique, Dougal, Eva, Fran, Glonk, Helen, Homer, Ian, James, Jenny, Jo, John, Jon, Kate, Kathrine, Keith, Kelly, Kevin, Kirsten, Loz, Lucy, Mark, Malcom, Mary, Matt, Mike, Mort, Paul, Phil, Rob, Sara, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Scag, Tammy, Teresa, Tom, Vanessa, Verona, Vicky, Viki, Windy Miller.

And not forgetting the one and only Mort!!!

And all those people who nursed us through the early years, especially our families...

If we've forgotten you, it could be because we don't like you, mail one of us to check. =o)