W2-S Do It Again!

The infamous W2-S have done it again. The old version of our web site was featured on ITV's CyberCafe as the "Worst of the Net" (15th May 1997).

This is the transcript of the review. There is also have an AVI animation for you to download [1.8MB] and watch over and over again.

Thanks to Simon and Tom for their help!

Worst of the Net

How many students can you get in a toilet?
Not enough judging by this site.


This is the 'Net site of one corridor in a student hall of residence.
Most of the guys study computers science. No surprises there.

And hey, they get up to some really crazy stuff!

The party in full swing

And you can follow them to the student union bar.

Oo-steady guys, stay off that snake bite and black. Oh dear.

It's all too much for Paul

When they are not drinking the guys like to relax with a water pistol -
just like every other student in the whole world.

James drinks his milk in Paul's room
(It's really milk, *honest*!)

They really know how to have fun!

And there are pictures of girls on this site! ;)

Eva comes to visit!

And leaves immediately. Good choice Eva.

Um, I'm really sorry guys but this has all been done before.

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